The Merck Digital HubThe UX Strategy & Design team, part of EMD Digital, is thrilled to see you here! The Merck Digital Hub has been created to collect and inform about all digital offerings at our company – to celebrate what we already achieved in the digital space. We want to connect you with others and their initiatives to inspire and create new synergies.More about the UXSD team
A GREAT digital product can BOOST your business!We strongly believe in the power of great user experience and design. After creating the Liquid Design System and the UX Toolkit as free compendia of assets for developers and designers of digital products, the Merck Digital Hub aims towards further promoting digital products within the company.We hope that by using the Digital Hub, you’ll get to know initiatives and products you were not aware of before. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly.Contact Paul Svoboda